Discover tgvair

With the tgvair offer you may buy all at once you complete international journey including the TGV part and flight.

Useful : 1 booking, 1 price, 1 ticket.
Easy : you just exchange your coupon for a TGV ticket at the tgvair counter the day of departure, no later than 20 minutes before your train leaves.
Assistance : should your flight or your TGV be delayed, SNCF and its partners are committed to re-route the next first possible departure.

How does it work?

You must arrive at the tgvair counter of your departure station at least 20 minutes before the TGV leaves. An SNCF agent, on presentation of your electronic airline ticket, will give you your TGV ticket and, depending on the airline used, the boarding pass for your flight which indicates your seat on board. For safety reasons the baggage is not checked in at the station.

On arrival at the airport, you will need to check-in your luggage at the "baggage drop-off" point of your airline.

Please note that when you travel with Air Caribes or Corsairfly, the flights depart from Orly Airport. A free shuttle bus is available to you for the journey between the Massy TGV rail station and Orly Airport South terminal.

Stations concerned

Angers St-Laud, Aix-en-Provence TGV, Bordeaux St-Jean, Champagne TGV, Le Mans, Lille-Europe, Lorraine TGV, Lyon-Part-Dieu, Marseilles St-Charles, Strasbourg, Montpellier St-Roch, Nantes, Poitiers, Rennes, St-Pierre-des-Corps (Tours), Valence TGV.